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I believe very strongly that major problems in the dating of the time of Joseph as well as the location of the land of Goshen have resulted in not only a misunderstanding of the time in Egypt but also account for the reason that firm evidence has not been located in Egypt to substantiate the Biblical account. Let me mention that this is a work in progress and is constantly being refined.





Some of the maps and photographs that add to this study are below.

Bahr Yusuf-compressed

This is a photo of the Bahr Yusef.

Irrigation in the Faiyum-Compressed

This is a photo of irrigation off of the Bahr Yussef.

Map of the Faiyum-compressed

Above is a map of the Faiyum.

Egypt and Sinai-4 Compressed

A map of Lower Egypt showing the relationship of the Faiyum to the Delta and Yam Suf. The Yam Suf or Reed Sea is the Biblical name for the Red Sea.

The Faiyum-Compressed

An article on the Faiyum.

hawara_sketch compressed

This is a sketch of the location of the Labyrinth in relationship to the Pyramid of Amenemhet III. The Labyrinth was located to the south of the Pyramid.


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