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Phone Interview with Yonatan Boofty, Executive Director of Arutz Sheva

I had the pleasure of interviewing Yonathan Boofty of Arutz Sheva by telephone on Novemeber 28, 2012. Yonathan addressed the recent action in Gaza between the IDF and Hamas. Various issues were discussed in the call including the Moslem Brotherhood, Egypt, and the objectives of Hamas in the fighting. Yonathan gave a synopsis of what the Israeli accomplishments were. We also spoke concerning world opinion and the world press, the ceasefire and concessions.

We switched our talk to the rapidly rising Anti-Semitism from several key European countries such as Poland, Hungry, England, Germany and France. Yonathan spoke of the boycotts sponsored by the BBC against Israeli companies that all of us need to be aware of. It is time once again for Jews of Europe to leave and hopefully take refuge in Israel.

In Mid-January Israel will have national elections. Yonathan gave an over-view of the various parties in the race and let us know where they stood. Most interesting were his comments concerning Ehud Barak and his retirement from politics. Yonathan pointed out that there is a possibility that Bibi might bring Barak back as the new Minister of Defense. Listen to the interview on our WEB site and get a perspective from someone in the know from the Israeli side.

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