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Gilla Trebich and a special David Fund project

I did a special phone interview with Gilla Trebich concerning the David Fund. Gilla has been a close friend for over twenty years and has worked as my guide for almost every tour I have led to Israel. She has worked with me in the research on the Temple as well as many other projects. In 1993 we began working with a unit in the Barak Brigade (an elite Tank Brigade) on the Golan Heights. While the Israeli army works with a tremendous budget, almost all funds go to equipping and training the soldiers. Very little money is directed to the comfort and personal needs of the troops. We have a project that we have supported for a number of years of providing cable television and picking the best hd antenna and internet to remote observation posts. This allows these soldiers who are monitoring the terrorist groups and vital to the security of the settlements and Israel itself to have something to do when they are off work. Due to their locations and the small size of the units the soldiers are confined to their posts for weeks at a time unable to move about. Generally they are hunkered down in a bunker on top of a mountain deep in Arab territory. Recently the amounts in the David Fund have dwindled requiring us to come to you to make up the necessary funds. We need 13 people or groups that would be willing to give $58 – $60 a month ongoing. This will allow the David Fund to continue providing this service to these young men and women. Listen to Gilla describe all the above and much more.

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