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We Need Your Help on A Project of the David Fund

The David Fund for some time has been paying for thirteen satellite dishes for Israeli soldiers posted in remote locations.

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) maintains observation posts at various places known for terrorist activities. Soldiers stationed in these posts are most often confined while manning these positions and are required to remain on location even when off duty due to the danger of the area. Most of these posts are small structures with only an operations room and sleeping quarters. Usually these are manned by a company of soldiers. The IDF provides to all posts with a minimum of company strength a satellite dish to provide television and internet for the soldiers to use in their off duty. This is critical to their welfare as the job is tedious, with long hours and always an element of danger. There are thirteen of these observation posts where the required company strength is not met. This not only increases the danger of these small units but means there is absolutely no recreation available for the soldiers. The David Fund was asked to pay for these soldiers to have television and internet. This we gladly took on. The cost is just under $850. We did an interview with Gilla Trebich, our friend and guide in Israel who works with us in the David Fund and co-ordinates the projects we take. This interview can be heard on our Web Site. Originally we had enough contributors to wire the money each month. However each month there was less that came in than the previous month. At this point we are receiving less than $200 a month. In the past we have made up the difference from the Hatikva General Fund. Regrettably, we are not in a position to draw from that fund at this time as all donations are down.

If you would like to help us with this project, please send a check made out to the David Fund, or to Hatikva Ministries, being sure to write on the Memo Line – David Fund. If you prefer,  you can make a donation through our Web Site and the Donate Button. In the note box, specify the David Fund. This is done through Pay Pal. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

Joe Good

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